Sheik Salih bin Kalut's Khanjar mini print


Sheik Salih bin Kalut's Khanjar mini print

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Titled open edition

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About mini prints:

Produced with the same attention to detail as the limited edition prints, the mini print series provides some of the best images from Sim's archives for sale in perfect gift sizes. 


mini prints are available in the following sizes:

14" x 11"  

  • image size: 12 inch x 8 inch (300mm x 200mm)
  • paper size: 14 inch x 11 inch (356mm x 280mm)

10" x 8"

  • image size: 8 inch x 6 inch (200mm x 150mm)
  • paper size: 10 inch x 8 inch (250mm x 200mm)


Prints are provided without a frame. Please check your local framing supplier or store for a frame.

Our mini prints are made in standard sizes for ease of finding the right frame. 


It may take up to two weeks for your print to arrive. If it will be any longer than this then we will let you know and give you the option of retaining your order for another time or cancellation. 

If you are ordering a mini-print as a gift please leave plenty of time for the item to arrive.